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Why meditate

Why Meditate?

If you ask why MEDITATION is needed – it is only because through meditation that we can become true Leaders in life. If you ask why crystals help us – it is because they are the only tool on Earth which can trans-code Life and recreate it. If you ask why we do spiritual practices – it is because they will stabilize us and awaken us from the dream we live in.

You are a leader – a leader in your company, a leader in your family, even a leader in your life. Perhaps you are happy and content, or perhaps you are still looking for something you don’t have…

However, regardless of our status or the achievements we’ve attained in our professional or personal lives, each one of us faces a big challenge: we realize we are not able to control anything, and everything we know is in the hands of a greater power – mysterious and beyond our comprehension. No matter how hard we work, even 20 hours a day, this force can destroy everything we have achieved… When we meet someone, we fall in love with and settle down; it can take the loved one away in an instant… It is a power which can make all our efforts meaningless, pointless… which can bring and take lives away. It is the power which brought us together here and now… The Power of Life!

Most of us, while we were young and enthusiastic, thought we would live forever. Is that so? I guess now we know it is not true. Even if you raise children with care and love, one day everything comes to an end, and where does it go then? This is a question which some people are afraid to ask themselves and others consider a distraction. Why are we here on this Earth? Where do we find the balance? How do we develop our intuitive mind and get to know ourselves better? How do we understand the meaning of life and happiness and at the same time be stern business people, parents, partners, and community leaders who can handle everything in life?

Connect to yourself and see a different aspect of the world which surrounds you! For 15 years I ran a successful fashion business before I abandoned everything and began my quest of searching for WHO WE TRULY ARE. The past 12 years I’ve spent in meditation, silence, and in teaching and sharing so I could connect to that Secret Essence which guides me on the right path.

Through some new methods and contemporary practices you can discover a new world of Balance and Inner-Strength. I am here to hold your hand, to guide you through a new and interesting world, where you can be the Warrior, not the victim!



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