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The Meditation

If we want to master of our mind the first thing we need to do is focus it. Focus means giving attention to something. Over time our mind gets occupied with too many thoughts due to external influence and thoughts that distract it. It is necessary to train our minds to focus and concentrate in order to control it and to connect with our secret essence. This is how we can become powerful human beings of the new era who can materialize their own lives and overcome everything with strength and wisdom.

Why do we need to focus?

We need the focus because as it persists, it becomes concentration. Concentration means having the mind free from the influence of the past, present and the future and letting the mind be on its own. Concentration that lasts longer is Meditation. Meditation that persists is Samadhi – or the Realization of our Secret Essence (True Nature).

Buddhism holds that there are 84,000 meditation techniques. I believe even to have one simple primary practice and do it regularly, with pleasure, perseverance, and discipline you can achieve Self-Realization. The meditations that I share in my teaching represent the essence of many old methods and new age of expanding practice. In meditation it is very important that the mind is disconnected from duality (good and bad, here and there, now and tomorrow). Instead the mind has to be like a lake reflecting the moon. The mind has to be awakened, naturally calm, and completely liberated. We have to achieve a state of no entry or exit from meditation; instead this is a continuous state of a natural and liberated mind. All the practices I share are intended to help you connect to your Secret Essence and see the world through the Eye of Wisdom.

It is very important to remember that meditation is the only method to take care of our mind.  There is no other method or alternative to master the mind, which can give you the power of our reality and freedom from daily suffering. I share in our teaching more than 120 types of mediation. Some of them are with visualization and engage the consciousness of the mind; others are with motion and movements and engage the consciousness of the body; for some types making of sounds is required to engage the consciousness of hearing. There are meditations that are simply about merging with and immersing in everything or expanding yourself.

In order to get results from your mediation, there is a sequential process that needs to be followed.

Process of Meditation:

1. Environment Preparation –  You can light a candle, place a crystal, or a picture of your beloved guidance. Imagine the place you are is sacred, filled with light, love, and peace, and you are totally protected.

2. Take Refuge – Prior to meditation it is essential to be in protected and safe surroundings by connecting with higher beings. This can be the Light or the Universe or some vivid images of Enlightened Beings that are in line with your beliefs. It is extremely important to connect to such type of vibrations in order to be protected and to have smooth practice and create a higher vibrational level.

3. Express Your Motivation – Before meditation it is important to have clear motivation about why you are engaging in this practice. Express simply and clearly what your motivation is for this meditation.

4. Proper Body Position for Meditation –  Seated position: you are seated on the floor, your legs are crossed (Lotus position) or you are seated on a chair with your legs bent at 90 degrees with the floor. You need to feel the stability of the ground and its support. The first chakra is tight, the navel is drawn towards the spine, the feet are at the width of the shoulders, aligned. The knees are at a right angle – the back is upright and is aligned with the head; the shoulders are straight and open backwards; the arms and hands rest relaxed on the knees; the eyes are slightly closed and looking downwards or you can have them closed. Your lips are slightly open in a light smile; to avoid any strain put the tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth on the palate, so that we cut off everything that is unnecessary.

Upright position: the knees are slightly bent; the first chakra is tight; the navel is drawn towards the spine; the pelvis is forward; the feet are at the width of the shoulders, aligned and firmly placed on the ground. The back is straight and aligned with the head. The arms are along the body, slightly apart; the shoulders are straight and open backwards. The eyes are slightly closed and looking downward. The lips are in a slight smile and to avoid tension put the tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth on the palate.

5. Breathing – Breathing is an important factor for cleansing and connecting to our body and mind. Breathing can be done as a preparatory practice before meditation. Breathing can also be a practice on its own.

Breathing 6/1. In meditation position with an upright back we breathe in noiselessly through the nose, then count to six, then we hold the breath for one beat, then we noiselessly breathe out through the nose counting to six, holding the breath for one beat. Continue doing this for a minimum of 3 minutes, but if you want to go longer, it will prepare you for meditation state even more and calm the mind.

This breathing can be done as a standalone practice for 15 to 30 minutes. If you decide to practice this breathing more seriously it can be done as a practive of compassion, please get in touch with us for more long-term instructions.

6. Actual Meditation – We have to be very aware of the influence that this mediation can have on you and strictly follow the instructions. Always do the meditation with strong commitment and know the meditation is fine-tuning of the mind. If you don’t follow part of the instructions, it may not give you the expected.

7. Gratitude – Express Gratitude to the Universe and to the higher conscience you connect to in order to achieve full realization of the benefits of this meditation.

8. Dedication – After you perform the meditation, dedicate all the benefits of it to all the beings which have the same needs and motivations as you, or to your family or loved ones.

9. Exiting the Meditation – Breathe three times deeply, and with every breath connect again to your body, connect again to your Mind and your Secret Essence. First use your mind to give instruction to your body to move and then move. Smile and open your eyes. If the meditation lasted more than 15 minutes it is necessary to awaken your body by tapping your whole body.  You start doing this from your chest, arms, armpits, back (by bending over and tapping your back yourselves), then your abdomen finishing with your legs. In the end gently rub your face and hair with your fingers.

Focusing Practice

Focusing practice through the consciousness of the eyes. Take a seated position and make sure all the conditions that we described above are in place. With this meditation we will be using the symbol of love.


The concentration of the consciousness of the eye will keep your mind calm and submit the purification of mind and body. The technique has powerful healing properties and is one of the primary techniques I recommend. The important thing is to practice every day in order to have actual results.  The symbol will be creating a new matrix while it penetrates your mind. Let your mind go through your eyes and merge with the sign. Leave all your senses open and do not blink. Your lips need to be slightly open; do not swallow; breathe calmly through the nose. If your nose gets runny do not blow it. Have a tissue and use it like a bib if you are meditating for a longer time as the practice may trigger tears and secretion from the nose. In this way we are cleaning ourselves.  Your attitude towards the object of contemplation must be as simple as possible, without studying it and without any reflective thoughts about its form, details, or appearance. Over time your practice and attention will grow stronger and in this way you will learn to control the mind that is based on the consciousness of the eye. The first time you need to do the practice between 5 and 10 minutes; afterward the duration can be as long as you feel comfortable with. Even one minute spent in meditation is important and you should not underestimate this. It can have big results in your life. The important thing is to practice every day in order to have actual results, otherwise it will remain knowledge and never become wisdom. This meditation can awaken aspects of your mind that you never suspected existed, and sometimes, for example in one month’s time, you will be able to achieve wisdom that you have not studied through your intellectual mind. You will also feel more relaxed, focused, aware, and full of energy and the clarity will be obvious.

We wish you a safe and joyous journey to enlightenment.


Love and Light,



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