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Rozaliya is a treasure to the world and I’m grateful for her.

What they say about Rozaliya..

“I think Rozaliya is really here to help end suffering in humans and I think that what she’s doing is really important work.

You know, she is a successful entrepreneur herself and the fact that she can take the time out of a busy weekend to spend with 70 plus people so that they can be awakened and transformed. I think is really amazing.”

— Kalika Yap

“It was so moving in a way I was not expecting.. I am somebody who doesn’t get emotional and doesn’t cry often and it was shocking..

I’m actually still quite surprised and quite shocked that when she said release all your pain that I just the dam burst and I didn’t even know I had that in me. I drive not even experiencing something very painful right now.”

— Cindy Cowen

“Rozaliya is one of the person you meet and they’re electric. They’ve got a passion and a life light in them that glows and once you meet somebody like that, you can see that they’re living to the fullest..”

— Pen Densham

“‘I’m supporting Rozaliya in her journey of Awakening and bringing Awakening to people as it also complements our journey to becoming a healing organization where we really help people too. She has the ability to give you a new perspective and rethink the way you thought that creates misery and suffering — it really changed my life.”

— Susan Asay

“I was introduced to Rozaliya and immediately. I just I saw this person beaming with life. I would come to find out that that jewelry is a big part of her story that she makes this jewelry that has a very spiritual quality..”

— Shane Drake

“I guess you could say she really Longs for people to be their best selves and to really tap into elements of their spiritual side that maybe before they didn’t have the courage to. She helps you sort of find that courage. And again, I think that’s part of the intention of her jewelry.”

— Shane Drake

“I’ve never known anybody like Rozaliya. She’s just a force of Nature. She inspires people, She walks through life and inspires everybody around her.. Her ability to enthuse others around her and you know in serving fuse that energy into others is kind of a unique quality.”

— Alex Cutler and Amber Moore

“I’ve known Rozaliya for several years. She’s grows. She grows on us every year.. One year at a time.. what Rozaliya does has so many modalities involved in it. Some could find a lot of value in one or all of them. But really this is one level further than probably a beginner could handle.”

— Amit Khotari

“I would say that Prima is incredibly authentic. This is my first time coming to one of her like this experience and I didn’t know what to expect and I felt that Prima was just very real she has really hold back.”

— Kim Glass

“She’s very spiritual very connected in a very different level that I really think that that motivates me that I have to really find my inner core Essence.. that she motivates me that there is some tangible thing that not really tangible like I can touch it.”

— Yumi Fernandez

“She allowed me to work with the anger and to get rid of it and wash it away and to be able to breathe through different situations, and I’m very blessed that she’s in my life. She thinks you would Journey Through the Unseen hmm. She has vision and she’s welcoming.”

— Rozaliya’s Spirtual Band

“I met Rozaliya which I called Prima from The Big Show that we do and it was an amazing experience and I go to know Grandma with the understanding of crystals and how her excitement and her love for crystals and how she empowers the world with them with her mandalas.”

— Michal Mael

“I met Rozaliya here in Bali. She’s a lifelong friend of my partner. So I was obviously excited to meet her. Rozaliya is very mystical, very understanding all the way beyond her years. She introduced me really into the idea of the jewelry can not only be negative, but also part of your life and keeps you in touch somehow.”

— Adrien Roberts

“When I met Rozaliya, she did a reading with me and it was such a profoundly interesting experience unlike any reading I had in the past and you know things she said in that reading at the time I didn’t really know how to take it and over the last couple of months things that she has said I was just blown away by it because they were quite accurate.”

— Erin Hirsh

I thank her for sharing my troubles and accompanied me to resolve them

I have immediately felt her as a very powerful energetic healer.

Rozaliya has helped transform my life.

Rozaliya was amazing!

Rozaliya’s healing sessions are miracles.

She really cares about people and making them feel comfortable.

This was a great experience that opened my mind.

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