Spiritual Retreat 2023 - Rozaliya
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Spiritual Retreat 2023

Spiritual Retreat

For Those Looking For Answers

* Who I Am?

* What Is This World About?

* How Can I Become A Joyful Human?

* How Can I Be Free?

* Meditation

* Silence

* Music

* Disconnect From The For World 5 Full Days

* No Phones And Computer

* Only YOU

  • 5 elements mind / body detox and rejuvenation silent retreat – including meditation, workshops, massages, nature activity, hikes, sound bath, crystal therapy and crystal facial.
  • This program aim is to complete disconnect you from your daily life, restart your body and mind and connect you to your power beyond.
  • Complete past trauma and karma purification.


3 day retreat for trauma and karma purification only including preparation practices, Mandala ceremony meditation, vegan diet and 1 night accommodation – $2,500 USD arriving 26 living on 27 after 4 pm optional to stay one more night.

6 days retreat silent detox retreat – $5,900 USD

  • 26 – arrival
  • 27 – past drama ang cleansing with mandala ceremony – Instant transformational method
  • 28 – restarting of body and mind creating a clear vision and stabil mind
  • 29 – programming of body and mind and activation of the energy of joy

*28 and 29 Program including massages, crystal facial, sound bath, crystal therapy, 5 element ceremony with water fire and ear.

for 3 day/2 night – $2,500 USD
for 6 days/ 5 nights – $5,900 USD

All-inclusive for breakfast lunge and dinner / snacks – private chef vegan food / option for fasting liquid meals.

option: medical colonic 1 all include in the price

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