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Mind Power Retreat

Activation of warrior of life
Four-day transforming retreat in sedona, az

The Mind Power retreat will help you to connect to your Secret Essence and activate your Power for Life. You will practice overcoming the past, create a healthy rhythm for life, experience the Five Wisdom Meditations, and Manifestation techniques to create your own life from Wisdom and Clarity.

The retreat will be four days which concludes

  1. THE SPACE: The retreat will be in a private luxury retreat center in Sedona, AZ where we create a special crystal mandala in order for your transformation to be smooth and instant, support by the Five Elements, nature, and crystals.
  2. THE TEACHING: The retreat will be led by Prema Sagar to help you to connect to your past, the Five Elements Wisdom and a Sacred Mediation Process.
  3. THE PRACTICES: You will learn meditation to transform your past, connect with the Five Elements wisdom, and Manifestation Meditation. Also, you will learn energy movement and dynamic meditation.

Through our four-day retreat, you will overcome the past trauma and activate your Manifestation Power from your Wisdom and Clarity.

We will be honored to go together on the Journey to Enlightenment.


Date: May 20-24, 2020

May 20, 2020
Arrival/travel from airport to retreat center.
Preparation for retreat

May 21 – 24, 2020
Retreat will include accommodations, activities in the retreat center, daily hiking to Sedona vortex, vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), daily crystal healing massage therapy, noble silence excluding the time of teaching and dinner

May 24, 2020
5pm retreat will be complete and shuttle to airport will be available. For those who want to stay over on the 24th, we will have celebration dinner and fun.

Space is limited to 15 people.

In order to attend our private retreat, you need to complete the form or contact us privately.

Price for attending this private retreat is $5,000, early bird $3,900 (buy before December 5th, 2019).  Families or couples will receive a 10% discount.

**Attendees who purchase all four retreats at the same time will receive 30% off.**


What they say about Rozaliya

“I have met Rozaliya a couple of years ago through a very close friend and started working with her in a mix of personal and web sessions.”

— Donatella Campioni

What they say about Rozaliya

“I think Rozaliya is really here to help end suffering in humans and I think that what she’s doing is really important work…”

—Kalika Yap

What they say about Rozaliya

“I have been proactively working on personal development for almost 20 years now. I have never met anyone like Rozaliya before…”

— Janine Zappini

What they say about Rozaliya

“It was so moving in a way I was not expecting.. I am somebody who doesn’t get emotional and doesn’t cry often and it was shocking..”

— Cindy Cowen

What they say about Rozaliya

“When I first met Rozaliya, it was surely a magical day for me. She basically helped me to turn my energy from negative…”

— Andy Cheng

What they say about Rozaliya

“I was introduced to Rozaliya and immediately I saw this person be mean with life.. “

— Shane Drake

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya has helped transform my life. She has helped unstuck all of the baggage that I’ve been carrying around for years having a negative impact on my life…”

— Kate Hancock

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya is one of the person you meet and they’re electric. They’ve got a passion and a life light in them that glows and once you meet somebody like that, you can see that they’re living to the fullest..”

— Pen Densham

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