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Crystal Healing — Beginners


Crystals are one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They are living creatures, much more perfect beings than we are. They have a very strong vibration and a matrix structure close to the human one, but much more stable and balanced because they were not created with the 6 senses and also don’t include in their matrix structure the 5 poisons (Anger, Jealousy, Desire, Delusion, and Pride). Thus, they are originally pure and you can say that their mind is clean from delusion, but their mind can also create karmic thoughts, but on the basis of light and the 5 elements, not the basis of the 6 senses of consciousness and the delusional mind of attachment with which we are held captive.

Crystal can be described as enlightened Energy that has form and is superior to the remaining forms created by matrix codes in our dimension. The crystal matrix can connect and work on the vibrations, the Mind, and the body of humans primarily due to the wisdom it naturally contains. Crystals exist in the World as an antidote to the three Impurities and obstacles for Humans, namely Ignorance, Hatred, and Attachments through desires. As nature has provided a healing herb for each ailment, so crystals are remedies for our impurities, and when the time comes and the world is ready for a communion and merging with our consciousness, they will help us rise to a higher level of Consciousness.

Crystals have very friendly energy and even if you do not respect them, due to their essentially compassionate nature, they will connect with you and help you without you even suspecting it. When they finish their work, they will silently disconnect from you, just as Warriors of Light.

Due to the dependence of our condition on form, emotional body, and state of Mind, we have a particular vibration that can be changed by crystals, thus balancing us and tuning us at all levels.

If humans see crystals as an instrument of a healing method or an element that can help in the struggle with life, they can discover a vast multitude of powers, above all the force with which crystals can influence us through their structure, color and qualities. How does all this work?

Learn in my retreat.

Retreat 1

Crystal Healing for You – Beginners

How to Connect to Crystals and Use them in Your Life

Choose, cleanse, activate programming and experience the power of crystals.

Learn how to use crystals as the powerful instrument in your life.

Find your own crystal and learn how to clean, activate, and program your instrument of power.

Meditate with Crystals to heal your life.

Live session teaching

  1. 9 chakra system and how can be activated by crystal
  2. Focus and concentration – how to use the power of our mind
  3. Meditation with crystals and chakras
  4. Cleansing, Activating, Programing, Using Crystal
  5. Color therapy and different type of Crystals


13,14 and 15 July,2020 – live sessions

15 July – 3 august – self practice with guide meditation


4 live sessions

21 days program for meditation with crystals

crystal set 9 chakra included

13 July   – 9.30 am – 11.30 am (PST) – 1 session  and Q/A

14 July   – 9.30 am – 1:00 pm (PST) – 2 sessions

15 July   – 9.30 am – 11.30 am (PST) – 1 session and Q/A



Discount for family 30%

Event with Rozaliya Heinen – 15 years in crystal healing Industry working with more than 200 types of Crystals to transform your life.

Retreat 2

Crystal Healing for Environment – For Beginers

Environment is extremely important because we can transform our energy just by being in environment what is empowered.

Crystals are the most powerful tools for change the vibration of our home and environment

Learn how to place crystals in your home, how to make magical  materialization mandala

Live sessions teaching :

  1. Chakra teaching
  2. Focus and concentration
  3. Meditation with crystals and chakras for the environment empowerment
  4. How to make our home full with light and love
  5. Heal until you sleep
  6. Color therapy
  7. 3 type of mandala – Project in your home : Power , Health , Peace and Love


13,14 and 15 July,2020 – live sessions

15 July – 3 august – self practice with guide meditation


3 days program 4 sessions

Include set of crystals for mandala

13 July   – 9.30 am – 11.30 am (PST) – 1 session

14 July   – 12:30 pm – 2.00 pm (PST) – 1 session

15 July   – 12:30 pm – 4 pm (PST) – 2 sessions



Discount for family’s 30%

Retreat 3

Crystal healing retreat for you and environment – Intense

Attend both retreats learn crystal healing for you and the environment



13,14 and 15 July, 2020 full day live session

15 July – 3 august – self practice with guide meditation


7 life sessions

13 July – 10.00 am – 4.00 pm (PST) – 3 and half session

14 July – 10.00 am – 2.30 pm (PST) – 2 sessions

15 July – 10.00 am – 2.30 pm (PST) – 2 sessions



Discount for family 20%

What they say about Rozaliya

“I have met Rozaliya a couple of years ago through a very close friend and started working with her in a mix of personal and web sessions.”

— Donatella Campioni

What they say about Rozaliya

“I think Rozaliya is really here to help end suffering in humans and I think that what she’s doing is really important work…”

—Kalika Yap

What they say about Rozaliya

“I have been proactively working on personal development for almost 20 years now. I have never met anyone like Rozaliya before…”

— Janine Zappini

What they say about Rozaliya

“It was so moving in a way I was not expecting.. I am somebody who doesn’t get emotional and doesn’t cry often and it was shocking..”

— Cindy Cowen

What they say about Rozaliya

“When I first met Rozaliya, it was surely a magical day for me. She basically helped me to turn my energy from negative…”

— Andy Cheng

What they say about Rozaliya

“I was introduced to Rozaliya and immediately I saw this person be mean with life.. “

— Shane Drake

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya has helped transform my life. She has helped unstuck all of the baggage that I’ve been carrying around for years having a negative impact on my life…”

— Kate Hancock

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya is one of the person you meet and they’re electric. They’ve got a passion and a life light in them that glows and once you meet somebody like that, you can see that they’re living to the fullest..”

— Pen Densham

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