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Power of Symbols

Symbols have been used by many cultures for thousands of years; they are like a secret language you can use to communicate with the Universe, sending a message to bring forth in the world of forms what you really wish.

The concentrated energy in symbols can substantially Stabilize and Strengthen your Vibrations. I have worked with numerous symbols over the years, perhaps with more than 200. Some of them are ancient, others are beyond time. Regardless of their origin – whether they come from our imperfect dimension or from other dimensions – they possess very strong vibrations and are karmic codes with a higher vibration that can materialize, without being activated by our six-senses, just by their radiating function as beingness. This is extremely difficult to understand with our intellectual mind, as symbols are much more intelligent and materialize much faster than our minds.

During the time I spent in seclusion and withdrawal from the world, one of the deepest realizations I experienced was to be able to read the language of symbols and to arrange them in a specific order which produced a code. This code allowed me to break free from the power of the matrix and design new programs and new methods to alter the vibrations and create new fields for equalization through positive and suffering-free codes.

Signs and symbols have the same nature as materialization. They are diagrams of different thinking processes which have the power to materialize, not only through our six-sense consciousness but also through our base consciousness, independent of our delusional consciousness being aware of it.

This defies articulation and it is not easy to put it in writing, using the meager human language. Yet I hope that you will be able, through insight, to connect through me directly to wisdom, in order to understand it.

Signs and symbols are of several types. The first comprises ancient signs and symbols bestowed to humankind by higher minds, and through their Consciousness and power they triggered an evolutionary processes and materialization of codes that did not exist before. One example is how the airplane was created, since there is no way to create a karmic code for this from our experiential consciousness of the earth which had never experienced it before.

The other type of symbols are the ancient symbols created by people, but because of the depth of belief and use for hundreds of years, they have obtained enormous might, and their codes are even able to create a whole new reality or change the reality of the third dimension.

Another type are the messages from higher Consciousness. If some beings are able to read these messages by deciphering the signs, they can help humankind evolve. It is similar to the code-based communication between ships and shore. Signs are also like germs of a matrix, yet due to its perfection they can induce materialization upon joining or upon being read at a particular point in space and time. One example are the matrix sacral geometric signs that, if correctly constructed, can create an environment of materialization where higher forms of existence are invited and entire countries can change or space can be organized. Examples are synagogues, churches, stupas, temples, and sacred places like the pyramids, where even ordinary people can feel the energy difference.

Another group of signs consists of religious signs. Regretfully people tend to think that these signs belong only to one single religion or cult organization and refrain from using them because of this association. They fail to realize that these were religions that chose the signs because of their power that has little to do with the teaching itself yet the symbol provides huge help.

I personally work a lot with a hexagram that is extensively used in Judaism, but I cannot understand why people say that it is only Jewish, as it was bestowed to the world as a symbol of growth. Jews have adopted it as their symbol, yet it possesses extremely powerful properties every person can benefit from.

Confrontation and the dividing of different religions is very dangerous to our Wisdom Awakening, but all the different religions and traditions can be very helpful for those who don’t aspire for the Awakening and yet need refuge and a path.

I work with signs that some religions employ and I do not worry. I do not associate those symbols with the relevant religions. Instead I look at how each symbol can help the Human Mind materialize reality.

Symbolism can be very simple too, reminding us about a teaching or wisdom or elevated being and connecting with the conscious essence of this being. Examples are the Cross of Christ or the Trident for many enlightened Buddhist beings, or a part of a human skull in Tantra Buddhism.

Each symbol has meaning and significance and can attract the power of energy that you want or need. Therefore it is essential to be clearly aware of the goal you are pursuing when using symbols. Each symbol has a unique meaning and can help you in particular areas of your life. When these symbols are related to specific colors and crystals, they create a very special holistic formula and can even generate new space of light and new life for humans.

How can we use the symbols and the sacral geometry constructed on their basis?

  1. We can observe them during meditation or put them on the wall as a painting. I personally, while keeping silence, would get up and paint the signs through which I communicated with minds and consciousness from beyond; then I would contemplate them until realizing the specific energy from which they came to me.
  2. We can wear them as jewelry or amulets, but it is very important to be aware of their power too.
  3. We can draw or write them on paper and connect with their power.
  4. We can place them on our altar or build a mandala at home using all connecting points of the sign to put sacred objects or crystals.
  5. We can arrange our home or meditation room on the basis of this symbol or draw it on the floor.

There are numerous ways. Many symbols become even stronger when complemented and connected with sound. One great example is the Sanskrit alphabet that still remains one of the most powerful messages of the Consciousness from beyond that we are not familiar with and that can purify and cleanse us and charge us with the new vibrations of the future.

If you need help in some area of your life, you can focus on a particular symbol related to this area, and through the symbol, send a message to the Universe. Yet it is advisable to know the power of symbols.

For ten years I have been designing such jewels through this wisdom, and I try to explain to people their stabilizing function and that they can help open energy channels and balance energy vibrations of people just by being worn. I believe this is the future and more and more people are seeking stabilizing help as their lives become more and more hectic and tough and it takes great skills and abilities to be Warriors in it and not give up.

Actually, my line of sacral geometry jewelry was prompted by a very particular goal – to help people find their true path so that they be able to enjoy deeper love, happiness and inner peace in their lives.

All the symbols we use in our unique projects are based on the Sacral Geometry connected with our body, mind and Secret Essence. Here I describe but a tiny part of the basic symbols I use just to give the direction and the correct position of my knowing of the signs. You may know each of these signs through alternative explanations about its power, but as I said, I am stepping solely in my individual experience, personal insights and observations. I did not read about these symbols; instead I connected with them.

I will associate them with different chakras, wisdoms and colors for easier understanding. I have been using all these signs for more than a decade now and I have seen the results on students and people of diverse religions and ages.

Symbol 1Symbol 1 – corresponds to the first chakra, element Earth, the Wisdom of Equinamity. I call it Sign of Power. This is the sign with which we lay the foundation and beginnings of everything. This is the basic, fundamental sign from which we create reality; this is the message that frees our minds from the five poisons and protects us from setting models that are negative and destructive for ourselves; it connects us with our foremost beginning and gives us the most important point for building a life of virtue and consciousness by allowing us to see our thoughts. In addition, this symbol helps us realize the same universal nature of everything; it gives us the strength to fight and the energy to subdue the inner-demons within. This sign defines us as humans and allows the five colors to harmonize. The sign can be yellow or black, or five-colored. Its direction is South, rarely East. If you place it eastward, its impact will be much more forceful. The way to draw it is from the left point up, then down as a triangle, and then again left and sideways, then a straight line to the right, finishing down left, continuously (without lifting the pencil) rounding it off with the circle. Each element of the symbol is important and the message will be different if the circle around the star is not complete.

Symbol 2Symbol 2 – corresponds to the second chakra and the element of Water, the Mirror Wisdom. I call it a sign of Female Power, although many men need it too. This is more about awakening the female power inside. The sign helps us to get control of our emotions and overcome the difficulties coming from them; it makes us more patient and wise, wiping away anger and resentment, boosting harmonious relations with other beings and partners alike, and helping us find our mission. In some of its manifestations it can embody the fire element, and then can destroy the source of our emotions. The sign is good for conception and sexual problems, or if there is insufficient contact and interactions with other beings in life; it promotes creativity and helps us brace up if we want to attract more romantic emotion and closeness in our lives. Its colors are blue, red, and black; its direction is usually North, but if it is for destroying the five poisons, it can change to East. The way to draw it is as for the previous sign, but before drawing the circle, you need to connect all the points and finally to rotate from the last point. Sometimes it can be replaced with the simple symbol of a triangle pointing down. This too stands for the Female essence, and in this case the color should be blue.

Symbol 3Symbol 3 – corresponds to the third chakra, the element of Fire and the Wisdom of Discrimination, Wisdom and Love. I call it the sign of balance and rebirth; it is not yet the sign of action and creation but is leading up to it. This sign allows us to reach balance at all levels; to be brave and staunch, smart and wise, and be centered in the body in order to be conscious. This is the sign of release from old ideas and of forgiveness; the sign of successful beginnings in all undertakings. It can be replaced with a triangle pointing up. I call it the sign of Male Power. Its direction is West, but when burning up old habits and Blue Print, it must be East. This is the sign of harmony and wiping out the past. It can also bring us financial success. The colors are brown, red, and yellow, and it is very constructive. The way to draw it is as follows: first a line from top down, then a second line from left to right, and then the circle that closes them from the last point clockwise.

Symbol 4Symbol 4 – corresponds to our fourth chakra, the element of Air and the All Accomplished Wisdom. I call it the Sign of Love and Union. In it the Beginning of Forms unites with our Spiritual Essence to produce the synergy for externalization of the already materialized code. This is the symbol of Growth and uplift, and helps find the right partner in order to create the synergy for growth. This is the sign of Finding our Spiritual Twin and of the union and pooling of your energy for higher goals. The direction is North, and it has a powerful swirling energy that provides for acting with the world. This is the sign of Love beyond suffering and of sense of fullness and belonging. This is the sign that corresponds to our chakra of the heart, bringing us compassion and wisdom. The way to draw it is by making 2 pentagrams in both directions, finishing with the circle, clockwise, from the last point. The color can be green, pink, red or black. If we use it in different colors, we need to change its direction. Normally, the color I use is emerald-green.

Symbol 5Symbol 5 – corresponds to the fifth chakra, the element of space, the Wisdom of Unity. This is the sign of receiving, or Joy, as I call it. Through it we go beyond the world of pain, sadness and suffering and are able to experience full gratification and get everything we have dreamt of and worked for. The direction is Center and this is the pivot of all the other four signs. It gives us clear conception, joy, ability to express ourselves and rise above the problems of the world of forms. It heals depression and is the direct symbol to help us feel gratitude. The color is blue or white. To draw it, first draw a triangle from the center up, down, right and then up, after that from the center, draw a five-point star as with the first symbol. It is very important to draw the sign correctly as this is a code, and if drawn differently, can work differently too.

Symbol 6Symbol 6 – corresponds to the sixth chakra. It unites the Wisdom of Mirror with the Wisdom of Equality. The element is space and water. It is like a map and I call it the sign of centering and adjustment. The sign tells us where we are, where we want to go, and how to find the way and the resources; it is our mental map and code of the future, revealing to us what actions we have to take to attain our ultimate goal. Sometimes it will show us the goals and indicate what obstacles we need to avoid along the way. To draw it, first make the rectangle, then the two lines on the right down first, then on the left down, making a circle from the last line. The direction is the Horizon, regardless of East or West orientation. Its color is dark blue.

Symbol 7Symbol 7 – corresponds to the seventh chakra, the Wisdom of Mirror Discrimination, and elements are fire and water. It directly connects us with the higher types of Consciousness for support, advice and realization. It is essential to understand that this sign is about a union of our consciousness at higher levels. If we need counsel, help, or contact, we should use this sign. Its orientations are East/West or North/South, depending on the purpose – whether we seek help or we just want to connect with wisdom in meditation. The color is purple.

Symbol 8Symbol 8 – corresponds to the eighth chakra and the Wisdom of Emptiness, or the union of all wisdoms, the element of space. This is the element that purifies all our energy channels, helps cleanse all our energy channels, chakras, body, and mind. Through this we awaken our beauty and preserve our youthfulness and health. I strongly recommend it for health issues, ageing, or a need to clean and lighten up the body, and in combination with Mountain Crystal or Moonstone, it works miracles. It is transparent white or rainbow-colored. It needs to be drawn in one continuous movement, starting with a vertical symbol of Infinity, then a horizontal one, finishing off with the circle. The orientation again is Center, closely related with the fifth chakra.

Symbol 9Symbol 9 – corresponds to our ninth chakra, or rather our home. The color is pearly or light pink, the Wisdom of Emptiness combined with Discrimination. The elements are fire and space. This is the sign that guides us home, to the haven of soothing love. It can bring about lasting harmony in the heart and relieve stress and constant worries. It gives us tranquility without attainment and clarity that everything is but an Illusion. It brings a sense that everything is fleeting and allows us take life less seriously. The way to draw it is as follows: first do the triangle from its upper central point down, right and left, then from the point up a line, finishing with a horizontal crossed one.

Use the signs wisely and remember that they can mold and shape your life and create new Matrix Programs.

What they say about Rozaliya

“I have met Rozaliya a couple of years ago through a very close friend and started working with her in a mix of personal and web sessions.”

— Donatella Campioni

What they say about Rozaliya

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What they say about Rozaliya

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What they say about Rozaliya

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What they say about Rozaliya

“When I first met Rozaliya, it was surely a magical day for me. She basically helped me to turn my energy from negative…”

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What they say about Rozaliya

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What they say about Rozaliya

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— Kate Hancock

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya is one of the person you meet and they’re electric. They’ve got a passion and a life light in them that glows and once you meet somebody like that, you can see that they’re living to the fullest..”

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