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Chakra Healing

I have decided to put the explanation of our energy channels here in order for it to be easier for everyone to understand their function for our impermanent existence as humans. Chakra is a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘a wheel of light’. They are energy centers, resembling spinning wheels, which create the Body (the form of the delusional self) from our Basic Consciousness (Program Metrics) and the natural state. Chakras are portals for the energy of the 5 elements which whirl around and form from the interaction of these 5 elements. Chakras rotate very quickly and constitute our energy-based structure, thanks to which our body form is created and thanks to which the illusion that it is substantive exists. Chakras circulate very quickly and are the energy-based structures thanks to which our body form are constructed and thanks to which exists the illusion that it is solid. They distribute through the energy channels the 5 elements (lights) and are responsible for attracting the vibrating particles and for their balance and functioning. We can also say that chakras are our anchors (knots) which keep us shackled to the illusory world. If in the chakra dissolution is induced, then we automatically will be dissolved and will be free from delusion.

All energy centers govern the human energy system; their function is to keep us connected to the relative reality and to aid us in achieving a healthful balance. By healing our chakras, our mind, body and Secret Essence can connect and we can achieve healing and freedom at all levels.

There are countless chakras but there are 12 basic chakras. Seven of them are located in our physical body and five are situated outside the body; and the 7 inside the body are connected with our eye consciousness and with our form existence. The twelve chakras together build a system with incredible significance for healing our relative existence and also for leading us to freedom and full liberation.

Generally, we work on balancing our nine chakras. All energy centers connect the visible with the invisible aspects of the individual. Each energy system works in accordance with its frequency, while all frequencies are connected with each other and influence the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of men. Each chakra is usually associated with a particular color that corresponds to the colors of the 5 elements and the rainbow.


The 1st Chakra has the role of arranging the distribution of energy that we need to achieve our dreams (thoughts). It is extremely important for our lives on Earth and for our physical bodies. It is responsible for regulating our energy and helps us handle the everyday routine, too.

Location: between the perineum and genitals.

Color: all earthy colors: brown, red, black.

Basic Function: grounding, survival, energization, certainty.

Spiritual Aspect: enthusiasm, passion, managing the everyday routine, serenity, stability, resistance, security, goal orientation.

Physical Aspect: nerve system, legs, feet, bones, large intestine.

Glands: adrenals.

Dysfunctions: hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, anorexia, knees and joints, weakness, fatigue.

Element: earth.

Crystals: all crystals colored in black, red and brown, like smoky topaz, black and gray quartz crystal, obsidian, black tourmaline, brown and red tiger eye, fossilized wood, hematite, magnetite, red garnet, fire opal, fossilized coral, ruby, red jasper, amber.

Affirmation: “I am. I create my life. I am grounded and I feel secure.”

It corresponds to our form body.

Wisdom: equanimity


The 2nd Chakra is the emotional center of our body and our ability to create and feel. It is directly connected with Woman Power and the source of Creative Energy. It is the key to the life energy source and to managing life. It is also our sexual power and creates the ability to connect to other beings and experience happiness.

Location: four fingers below the navel, lower abdomen, genitals, womb.

Color: orange.

Basic Function: pleasure, sexuality, creativity, personal relations, relationships with others, creation, healing, delight, ease.

Spiritual Aspect: creativity, expression of talents, emotional intelligence, realization through sexuality, commitment, joy from life.

Physical Aspect: womb, genitals, kidneys, bladder, blood system.

Glands: ovaries, testicles.

Dysfunctions: impotence, frigidity, infertility, uterus problems, bladder, kidneys, problems with lower back, fibroids, blood problems.

Element: water.

Wisdom: mirror.

Crystals: all crystals colored in orange, coral, fire agate, amber, fire opal, ruby, all pearls, tiger eye, citrine, cornelian all shells.

Affirmation: “I feel. I create Life. I connect.”

Corresponds to our emotional body.


The 3rd Chakra is the center of our power, will, courage and wisdom. Success, associated with the possession of material goods and social status, is measured based on that at the earth level. This is our source of knowledge, which gives us information how to act within the framework of our society and world. It is also the chakra of commitment to our lives and the creation of the willpower to achieve everything we want. It is the fire and the passion inside us and it is also the possibility to forgive.

Location: from below the navel to the solar plexus.

Color: yellow like the sun.

Basic Function: will, power, influence, charisma, assimilation of food and ideas, center of energy, responsibility, decision-making, commitment, Life power, self-confidence.

Spiritual Aspect: confidence, power, inner conviction, will, wisdom, self-awareness, magnetism, discipline.

Physical Aspect: metabolism, digestive system, liver, muscles.

Glands: adrenals, pancreas.

Dysfunctions: ulcer, diabetes, hypoglycemia, cancer, liver problems, obesity.

Element: fire.

Crystals: all crystals colored in yellow – amber, citrine, topaz, yellow chalcedony, lemon quartz, yellow tiger-eye, coral, fire agate, fire opal, ruby, all pearls, sandstone, moonstone, Elmwood calcite, agate.

Affirmation: “I am Will!. I am Success! I create my World with Wisdom. I’m unstoppable.”

Corresponds to our etheric body.

Wisdom: discrimination


The 4th Chakra is the center of our body and implements the connection and balance between the lower 3 physical chakras and the upper 3 spiritual ones. It is associated with the heart, which is one of the basic organs for making proper decisions, giving love, growth on spiritual and material levels, in career, and in thoughts. The Fourth Chakra is the center through which we share with others our love, talents, and specific ideas. It is the chakra of healing and new beginnings. It is also the chakra of all accomplishment – after you have decided what you want, you are inspired, and you believe in yourself, this is the chakra that makes you act.

Location: heart area.

Color: emerald green.

Basic Function: compassion, love, career growth, harmony, balance, action.

Spiritual Aspect: sharing, giving and receiving love, readiness for nearness and support, action and determination, achievement of dreams.

Physical Aspect: heart, lungs, blood pressure, body heat.

Glands: thymus.

Dysfunctions: asthma, low blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, bi-polarity.

Element: air.

Crystals: all crystals colored in green, emerald, diamond, malachite, crisocola, ruby, ocean jasper, obsidian, green amethyst, green topaz, green turquoise, labradorite, peridoth, green mohave, rose quartz, opal.

Affirmation: “I grow. I transform. I give love. I am harmony.”

Corresponds to our mental body.

Wisdom: accomplish wisdom.


The 5th Chakra is the center of self-expression and stress protection. Through it we express our thoughts, feelings, desires and truths. This chakra represents our capability to say “yes” or “no” to what life offers us. This is the first of our higher chakras and can help us to rise above the everyday problems and to both look at the world with more awareness and experience joy in every situation. This is the chakra of gratefulness and receiving all that we ask for. It is the chakra of abundance.

Location: throat/neck.

Color: light blue, sky blue.

Basic Function: communication, receiving all you need, relaxation, reconciliation, calmness.

Spiritual Aspect: expression, honesty, sincerity, awareness, calmness, joy.

Physical Aspect: throat, mouth, jaws, larynx, neck, shoulders, nose.

Glands: thyroid.

Dysfunctions: strep throat, stiff neck, colds, breathing problems, sinus problems, too much thinking, depression, hearing problems, irritability, aggression.

Element: space.

Crystals: all crystals colored in blue, Laurimar, labradorite, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, amazonite, blue mohave.

Affirmation: “I express with Love. I enjoy Life. I am aware.”

Corresponds to our spiritual body.

Wisdom: Emptiness.


The 6th Chakra is our internal and external visual center. Through it we receive, store and send pictures, symbols and colors that represent the relative reality. It is our intuition or “sixth sense.” The third eye is also the connection with the Cosmic Truth that can illuminate our way through the Upper Light in order to make clear and correct decisions.

Location: at the center of the head, a little above the eyes.

Color: dark blue, indigo.

Basic Function: vision, intuition, visualization, imagination, knowing where we are and where we want to go.

Spiritual Aspect: intuition, imagination, clarity, connection with the Timeless Cosmic Consciousness, correct view of time and space, clairvoyance, clarity about your mission.

Physical Aspect: hormonal and endocrine system, eyes, growth.

Glands: epiphysis.

Dysfunctions: blindness, headaches, bad dreams, all eye diseases feeling of restlessness.

Crystals: all crystals colored in dark blue, Lapis Lazuli, moonstone, labradorite, amethyst, blue tiger eye, black pearls, blue topaz, opal, blue sapphire, sodalite.

Affirmation: “I follow my mission with clarity.”

Corresponds to our cosmic body.


The Crown Chakra is our conscious and unconscious mind and belief system. It is the main connection with the higher levels and the Absolute Truth. From the 7th Chakra, the energy coming from the higher levels is allocated to the other chakras. This is the chakra of expanded consciousness and the ability to manage our phenomena (the world of delusion) with higher forms of intelligence.

Location: the top of the head – fontanel.

Color: violet.

Basic Function: understanding, awareness, expanded consciousness, leading, wisdom, majesty.

Spiritual Aspect: awareness, expanded consciousness, understanding the relative and the absolute, connection with the higher dimension.

Physical Aspect: cerebral cortex, central nerve system.

Glands: hypophysis.

Dysfunctions: alienation, confusion, apathy, inability to understand the relative world, migraines, autism, and psychological diseases.

Crystals: all crystals colored in violet, amethyst, tourmaline, violet crystals, lavender quartz crystal, azurite, opal, ametrine, ruby.

Affirmation: “I know! I am aware! I am connected to the High Power.”


The 8th Chakra is connected to our body of form, but it is based outside; it is the center through which we have connection with all the dimensions of the relative truth and beyond. It is an entrance and exit from our relative world towards higher dimensions, and through it we can touch information about the past, the future and even about the higher levels. Through the 8th Chakra we can purify our bodies and minds and connect to the Secret Essence, and to prepare for higher dimension assistance.

Location: 3-4cm above the head.

Color: white, silver, transparent white, ultraviolet.

Basic Function: purification, rejuvenation, health, beauty, awareness of the relative world.

Spiritual Aspect: protection at all levels, purification of energy channels, awareness, energy purification.

Physical Aspect: purification of toxins, rejuvenation, beauty, weight control, healthy body.

Dysfunctions: obesity, constipation, trouble sleeping, nervousness, aging, paranoia, panic attacks.

Crystals: all crystals colored in white, silver, transparent white, ultraviolet, rock crystal, moonstone, pearls, amber, opal, aquamarine, laser crystal, diamond.

Affirmation: “I am Pure Light.”


This energy center opens to the consecration of love and gives a person a sense of home, peace, and bliss.

Location: thirty centimeters above the top of the head.

Color: transparent pink, golden-pink, rose-pearl.

Basic functions: connection with the Secret Essence.

Spiritual Aspects: overcoming obstacles, a sense of completeness and awareness, love – self-love and service to humanity, comprehension of meaning, awakening.

Physical Aspects: mind and nerve system.

Dysfunction: neurosis, constant fatigue, high / low blood pressure, panic attacks, depression, mental and emotional instability, worries, diabetes …

Crystals: all translucent pink crystals, golden-pink, pearl color. rose quartz, pink amethyst, all colored pearls, pink opal, fire opal, moonstone, diamond, Limurian crystals.

Affirmation: “I serve with love. I am home.”

What they say about Rozaliya

“I have met Rozaliya a couple of years ago through a very close friend and started working with her in a mix of personal and web sessions.”

— Donatella Campioni

What they say about Rozaliya

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What they say about Rozaliya

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— Cindy Cowen

What they say about Rozaliya

“When I first met Rozaliya, it was surely a magical day for me. She basically helped me to turn my energy from negative…”

— Andy Cheng

What they say about Rozaliya

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— Shane Drake

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya has helped transform my life. She has helped unstuck all of the baggage that I’ve been carrying around for years having a negative impact on my life…”

— Kate Hancock

What they say about Rozaliya

“Rozaliya is one of the person you meet and they’re electric. They’ve got a passion and a life light in them that glows and once you meet somebody like that, you can see that they’re living to the fullest..”

— Pen Densham

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