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1. Mutual Respect and Understanding: Both coach and student are seekers in the garden of transformation. Respect and understanding are the guiding lights on this path, and any disruption to this connection is like a stone cast into calm waters. 2. Commitment to the Journey: Your commitment to walk the path of self-discovery, with the coach as a steadfast guide, is the key that opens the door to enlightenment. 3. Confidentiality: The sacred whispers between coach and seeker will remain concealed like the ancient secrets of wise sages. 4. Financial Terms - All Purchases Are Final: In our earthly realm, payment plans, fees, and schedules are clear like a crystal stream. However, the energy exchanged in this sacred commitment is final, like the setting sun that bids farewell to the day. All purchases are final, with no refunds or exchanges, symbolizing the firmness of our intent on this transformational journey. 5. Session Scheduling: Time's sands wait for no one. Scheduled sessions mirror natural order, and changes require 48 hours' notice to adjust our path without disruption. 6. Termination: At the crossroads, the journey may diverge, and either party may choose a new path. A 7-day notice ensures a graceful transition, like the turning of a new leaf. With this adjustment, we have crafted a piece that not only resonates with the wisdom of the ages but also aligns with the practical necessities of our world.

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