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Instant Transformational Men’s Program For Entrepreneurs:

Rozaliya uses the power of Modern Tantra in order to help you create the life of your dreams.

You don’t need to believe, just join & connect to other men like you.

Your Relationship With Your Mind & Body:
The Key To Your Sucess

Through each weekly call, Rozaliya will help you to:

– Create Harmony, Balance, and Fulfillment in Your Life.

– Remove all obstacles & create emotional and mental freedom for you.

– Discover The Power Of Sexuality & How To Gain Energy From Your Relationship

– Achieve Deeper Connections With Your Environment & Others.

– Build Your Emotional Intelligence Muscle & Embody The Best Version Of Yourself.

– Become Powerful, Unstoppable, & Satisfied In Your Daily Life.

– Connect To Your Spiritual Awareness & Manifest Life Consciously.





Connect To The Power Within

– Weekly LIVE Zoom coaching with Rozaliya.

– Classes will be held every Thursday at 9 am – 10:15 am PST LIVE on Zoom.

– Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive a bonus meditation.

– There will be a break for the holidays : Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s.

– If you cannot join, but signup, we will send you the recording of the coaching.

What They Say About Rozaliya

What Is Our Program About?

Discover Where You Are At That Moment & Create Intention.

Transform Your Past (Work With Your Inner Child).

Overcome Your Parent’s Blueprint.

Master Your Relationship With Parents, Self (Mind & Body) & Environment.

Create A New Powerful Identity.

Create The Love Relationship Of Your Dreams.

Unlock The Secret Of Sexuality & Union.

Map Your Destiny.

Learn How To Visualize & Manifest.

Love Your Body And Create The Health And Body Of Your Dreams.

Overcome Your Trauma

Recreate your past

Create a solid foundation for emotional intelligence

Connect to your spiritual consciousness

Master Your Relationships

Harness the power of sexuality

Use the energy of your union

Create a relationship full of joy & excitement

Create Your New Identity

Overcome your addictions

Love your body

Master your mind

Create Your Destiny

Energy centers awakening

Learn how to manifest

Experience the expanding process

When do you need to join Men Fully Expressed?

If you have achieved success but still feel unfulfilled.

If you have a partner in life who you love, but there is still something missing.

If you feel overwhelmed & want to understand the play of life better.

If time is never enough and you wish to have more space.

If you do your best, but still feel unproductive.

If you want to understand what it means to be a spiritually conscious being.

If you want to create the relationship of your dreams.

If you want to understand & love your body.

If you want to join a brotherhood who support and keep you accountable.

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