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Earth Element Silent Retreat

What You Will Experience:

Earth element –  mind / body detox and rejuvenation silent retreat
This program aims to complete disconnect you from your daily life, restart your body and mind and connect you to your power beyond.
You will experience complete purification of past trauma and programming through the modern tantra.
Practice includes Mandala, Meditation, Silence, & Music.
Disconnect From The World For 4 Full Days.
No Phones And Computer, Only YOU.

Do You Ask Yourself?

Who I Am?
What Is This World About?
How Can I Be A Powerful Human?
How Can I Be Free?

4 day / 3 night Silent Detox Retreat -

Retreat Program:


Program begins at 4 pm on November 5, and will conclude at 6 pm on November 8.


Day 1– arrival & preparation


Day 2 – past trauma and cleansing with mandala ceremony – Instant transformational method.


Day 3 – restarting of body and mind creating a clear vision and stable mind.


Day 4 – programming of body and mind and activation of the energy of Power, Stability, and Majesty.


*Day 3 Program includes massages, sound bath, crystal therapy, 5 element ceremony with water fire and earth.


Optional to stay one more night.


Includes vegan food / option for fasting liquid meals.

We can arrange medical colonic by request.

$3500 –  Individual particpant
$5600 – two participants (life partner / bring new participant)

We Are Looking for 1 Volunteer

help facilitate retreat & experience karma yoga*

Connect with rozaliya: 424-386-0170

* volunteer will not be entitled to full participant priveleges

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