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Rozaliya Journey to Enlightenment is a concept which embodies in itself two essential trends of activities. Both compliment each other. One is the organizing and delivering of retreats and spiritual seminars and trainings, and the other is designing and distributing a wide range of holistic jewelry.

The first pieces of jewelry were made in Bali, Indonesia.These jewels had an astonishing transformational effect on their owners. This set was the beginning of a collection which currently comes to 800 different designs. All is unique and hand made (silver, gold and crystals) in our workshop near the city of Sanur on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The Rozaliya Jewelry for Enlightenment are charged with our team’s Love and Good Intention. They work as a powerful instrument for an easy and smooth transition into the current transformational times. Spiritual growth, Goodness, Compassion and Love are part of Rozaliya Journey to Enlightenment’s values. With our work and true beliefs, the Rozaliya team has the intention to assist you in achieving a mind and body balance and a life full of awareness, beauty and harmony. We will always be there for you and together we will share the journey to inner-transformation and fulfillment of the Perfect Awareness.

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