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Water Flow Retreat

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Water Flow Retreat

Water Flow Retreat: Create Happiness in Life and in Relationships

Achievement: Create Happy Relationship and Happiness in Life

In the Water Flow Retreat we not only learn about the power of the Water element but use this power to transform our life. Rozaliya uses special mandalas and creates a music and movement meditation that can lead you to transform your life in 21 days. The Water element is the most important for our life if we want to experience it fully. The Water element is connected to the Moon energy and that is why we start the retreat on the New Moon.

The water element is responsible for our relationships, flexibility, sexuality, fertility, creativity, joy, and comfort.

By using the Water element you can wash away all the past negative emotions and habits. The Water element can help you forgive your past experiences and let go.

When we balance the water element you can create a happy family, find inspiration in your life, freedom in your feelings, and healthy sexual and union energy.


21 Day Program

1st week intensive – 8 live sessions

  • Highlight understand all of your old habits emotion and behavior that no longer serves you
  • Preparation and generation aspiration to wash away all old models and past experiences
  • Create a clear vision for the perfect relationships with your spouse, relatives, friends, and environment
  • What is your dream?

2nd week practice – 4 live sessions

  • Empowered life practice to wash away and transform old behaviors and models
  • Generate aspiration and projecting clear vision for new future

3rd week practice and conclusion – 1 live sessions

  • Creating personal 1 year daily practice program in order to achieve your highest potential
  • Question and Answer with Rozaliya

You will receive:

  • Special music and meditation guided program
  • Personal empowerment special for your energy
  • Question and Answer sessions with Rozaliya
  • 1 year Water self practice for balancing



October 14 – November 5, 2020


11 live sessions followed by a 1 year self-guided program

(1 session = 90 minutes)

From October 14 to November 5 each participant will need to practice for a minimum of 1-hour per day with the clearing and contemplation programs. Each participant will also receive a special vegan food program.

October 14 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 15 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 16 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 20 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 21 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 22 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 27 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 live session

October 30 –  9:30 am – 4 pm (PST) – 3 live sessions and Question &Answer Intense Retreat Practice

November 5 – 9:30 am -11 am (PST) – 1 session (Q&A, Conclusion, Preparation for year-long program)



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