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Private Retreat

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Private Retreat

Preparation and Connection: 40 Minute Energy Reading $2200.
Here I will read your energy to see how I may work with you. I find the levels of Chakras and the state of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. I will also be able to see the balance of your 5 elements. I will suggest your plan for work and healing and recommend the best program for you. The preparation session is deep healing and can connect you to your deeper secret essence and make an instant transformational result as well.

Single Private Healing Session without Commitment – Minimum 10 days after the energy reading: $5,000. 2 hours includes private meditation training and creating a special custom meditation for the individual and future program for a minimum of 1 month.

3. Packages:

Introduction – 4 weeks of Spiritual Work (minimum preparation work)

In 30 days we will spend 1- 2 hours working and talking each week, our first 2 sessions working to clean the energy and create friendly channels to build your system and create strong energy while we learn one another and define your goals. Our remaining 1 session will include boosting Chakras and energy and teaching practices to take into the future.

Though we will only be spending a few hours talking together each week, this work requires effort from each of us outside of our time together, especially from me. I work with very few people at any given time* as this work is incredibly demanding of me. It is personalized for each individual, there is no “one size fits all” way to go about it. In the time between our sessions I take on much of what has been blocking you and work to clear the way to open up your energy so we can embark on the spiritual path toward the person you were always meant to be.

(This introductory period can be lengthened to accommodate your schedule if you have conflicts such as travel within the 40 days. This must be agreed upon before we begin our work.)


Intensive – 3 months Private Retreat 

This is like a private retreat. Intensive work is completely private work one-on-one. As with all of my sessions, this will be completely personalized, but you will have my undivided focus for this period of time. We will work together for a minimum of 1-2 hours each week, but the time will vary with each person. We will work together until we are finished. This is a highly specialized and coveted appointment which is offered only as my availability permits.


Relationship Retreat

Specialized for divorce or other relationship problems, co-dependent relationships, and difficulty in finding a partner.

One month program: 3 sessions — $5,000

Three month program: 8 sessions — $12,000

Personal Mediation Teaching

Creating a program for the specific energy for a minimum commitment of 1 year. Creation of all materials and personal guided meditations (recorded) included. I will be available for calls if you need additional help.

One month teaching: 3 sessions — $7,000

Three months teaching: 8 sessions — $15,000

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