Open your Heart Zoom Retreat - 2 Days Session - Rozaliya
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Open your Heart Zoom Retreat – 2 Days Session

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Open your Heart Zoom Retreat – 2 Days Session

Transformation Meditation Retreat

Transformation Meditation Retreat

Connect to your inner nature and experience the power of meditation

create a healthy rhythm and life full with joy

Learn how to…

– Meditate – most important principle of meditation

– Step away from your busy life and connect with your inner nature

– Create a space for yourself that is full of wisdom and clarity

– Experience the transformational practice of expanding meditation using light, peace, and love

– Discover 6/1 breathing technique and basic principles of meditation designed for leaders

The Achievement :

  • You will open up your mind and your world prospection
  • Meditate easy with joy
  • You will connect to your inner wisdom

You receive :

  • 21 days heart opening practice meditation
  • Special food program
  • Breathing technique
  • Energy movements


Live sessions: August 17-18, 2020


4 live sessions followed by a 21 days self-guided program

(1 session = 90 minutes)

August 17 – 9:30 am – 2:30 pm (PST) – 2.5 live sessions

August 18 – 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm (PST) – 1.5 live sessions



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