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Warrior of Life is not a guidebook to Enlightenment but to a good Life and to Rules for Happiness in the prison of our mind. I strongly believe that Life can be very interesting and exciting, and that we can live it with joy when we get in touch with our Original Nature. I dedicate this book to all who seek the Truth and care for Life and the Human Beings. Let us build together a Life full of Love and Light

From the Author

The time for Awakening has come, the moment has arrived when we must all unite and understand Life and the rules of the Matrix programs that govern us. The moment has come when we all have to decide whether to live and save our Planet, and not just continue making technologies requiring skills to manage them, so that they do not turn against us, and we must first develop emotional, mental and bodily intelligence. The world is at its highest peak in millennia, but the disharmony with Nature is greater than ever. For the human race to survive, we need Awakened beings to live Life with clarity, and to understand their power and what their actions lead to. Despite the ever-increasing power of Money and its equivalents, it does not bring Life, and no matter what fortunes we possess, we cannot buy Happiness or Eternity. There is something stronger than Money and that is Wisdom.

The people who live thinking that Death will not reach them, it’s time they woke up and understood that Planet Earth and People need help. We are in a transformative moment where unless we raise our vibrations and realize the greatest magic – Life, we are in a situation that will lead us to disasters and destruction.

I ask anyone who can open their heart and hear my call for Awakening: Seek who you are. Awaken the Seed of Clarity. Stop and reflect on what Life is? Why are we here? How to open the path of Compassion and Union in order to create the new Age of Love.

The moment has come.

A bow to all my brothers and sisters.

Love and Light,

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