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Mother of the World is Rozaliya’s Journey to Enlightenment through the characters of the 11 important men in her life.

The book intermingles mysticism, fantasy, and the thrill of romance, crime and adventure.

Rozaliya’s journey takes you through the late communist era of Eastern Europe through the mafia dominated post- communist world then into the world of high fashion during the expansion of the European Union, then to the spirituality recreated through Nepal, Bali, and Bhutan, and finally to the world of dreams – the La La Land of modern-day Los Angeles.

The goal of the book is to bring you into a world in which to be a Warrior is the meaning of life. It can also bring you toward your inner realization.

It is on the one hand a novel which we hope will be interesting  for you because of the diversity of worlds and characters which are described, and on the other hand a way to connect to your Spiritual Beginning and your Mission in the world of Duality.
(copyright Rozaliya Heinen, 2019).

Author’s Forward

The human of the New Era is one who can create his own life and not be a prisoner of circumstances!

The new and awakened human is neither a man nor a woman, neither Bulgarian nor American, neither Christian nor Muslim, neither Jewish nor Hindu, neither strong nor weak, neither white nor black, he is a warrior who knows that if he grows as big as the world, all suffering will disappear.

The time for sleep is over.

The Time for Union and Love has come!

Dear Readers,

Before you begin reading this book, I would like to say that it is an entirely unusual and modern spiritual read which may surprise you a great deal, given the transformational processes, the times and the cultures intertwining in it. But the only thing guiding me was Compassion and the Drive to tell everybody: We are the People of the New Era and we all can awaken! No matter where you are or what you have gone through, all of us can reach our highest potential and be able to experience the spark of Life and the Wisdom of the Universe at the same time.

 In these times, when we divide ourselves into men and women, I wanted to pay tribute to all the men on my journey, thanks to whom I have unfolded my life beyond any limit I have ever imagined, and to declare that the Union is the most powerful energy that creates and propels us forward.

Last but not least, these chapters hold all the hidden lessons that can help you overcome anything from the Warrior’s position rather than that of the victim’s.

I began writing with a definite conflicting sensation. I knew that everyone around me was pressing me to do it because my practices need to reach more people across the world in order to help them, but I also knew I had to reveal how I had arrived at the insight about them.

In the recent years, besides giving myself out to people, I have been craving to remain more in solitude because I knew that the more you revealed yourself to the world, the more you needed to take responsibility for the various opinions and definitions that everything coming from the “Phenomenon” (or the so-called world of form) will subject you to. I knew that if I told the story of my life it would be very useful to anyone who reads it but also that it would be the end of my relationship with myself, who had experienced everything, and I was bound to leave a large part of myself in the past, a role that I identified with. Apart from that, my life has been a string of incredibly controversial events that people could interpret in both extremes, according to their cultural backgrounds and worldviews. Usually, all of us are attached to the past, be it bad or good, and it is not easy not only to unveil it but also to let it go. I knew that when writing the book, I would pour it out not sparing anything and that worried me, since it is much easier to stand naked before the world than to show all your sides and all your ideas without caring if anybody will like or judge you, but only connect to the Idea of creating and helping.

Many people throughout my life have told me that I had to write a book about what I had gone through, as my life has been a mixture of a fantasy story, a crime novel, a romantic drama and a spiritual book on growth. This combination could be quite unusual for the average person, but I thought I would write this work much later. When I first started, I already knew I had embarked on my most difficult journey, namely, to go back and retrieve every lesson in my uniquely eventful path and recreate it in a lighter way than it actually happened for me in those years. The only thing driving me was the Power of my Sense of Mission and that in this way I would be helping people. 

The bad news was that I was a perfectionist who did not want just to hire a ghost writer, spill my story and put out yet another product for society to consume. I was not a writer and I knew everyone had to do what they could do best but I wanted to pour every word out of my human essence, one that had been hurt a lot but had something to give and knew how to, and I was sure this was the only way. I interviewed some ghost writers as I was looking for someone who could match my own vibrations until I realized that only my hands could do it in a way that could affect humanity. My idea was not to show one exceptional Woman who has gone through a series of events that have forged her iron character and made her a Warrior. My idea was to tell you that there is no difference between you and me, but that all of us build up our lives on the basis of our choices and on how we look at everything that happens to us.

In Life, you either hide from anything that could possibly hurt you and live in the same place and in the same rhythm forever without risking much, or you can accept any challenging thought and turn it into a new mission, and a new way of studying and exploring the world and yourself. Yes, I could still be in my hometown without having risked anything, but I am not there, and that makes the difference. Otherwise, we are all the same and have an equal start, as we are given the opportunity to choose between a life of adventure or one of monotony, in both cases one steeped in suffering.

In the last years, the motivation for every action of mine was just this – to help people in the world free themselves from suffering and to give some Light to everyone I could reach. That is why everything else came second for me. The idea of this book, actually, is to introduce my second part – the book “Warrior of Life” which reveals my philosophy on Happiness, Satisfaction and Freedom from Suffering. A healing book that guides one through practices, exercises, and teachings can forever transform your take on life. But before that I had to explain what a “Warrior of Life” is because I think that unless one has experienced something, there is no way to write about it and share it.

From the bottom of my heart I ask you to understand that every single line in this book was written with love for every living being in it but through the prism of a human being with a past and a future. My goal is for us all to is to free ourselves from suffering and I know that one of the ways is to first understand what suffering is and, most importantly, to accept that maybe suffering can be our friend, and once we have made peace with it, we can find the Golden Way and the Balance we constantly strive for.

I told my life story through 11 men who have been important to me as that’s how it came to me when I sat down to write. I myself did not understand why the words were flowing as I was describing them. I understood why only when I finished the book and the easiest way to explain this is through my utter confidence that we are a Stream of Consciousness, and all those who we share a deeper connection with, determine both our path and the unlocking of our talents, creating the synergy we need in order to grow. No one can convince me that one can achieve one’s highest potential by yourself and manifest something. The union between the masculine and the feminine energy is the most powerful synergy that can create both Life and its content.

In the second part of this book I fully explain Materialization and how the human being is designed to create our world of forms through matrix codes, and I give many methods for decoding our own matrix programs and creating new ones. But in this first work I’m giving you an Example of Life’s Meaning and what it is like to be a Warrior and not a victim, which is the basis of my teaching. You will see for yourselves the examples of victims and Warriors in this book. Think about where you want to be – whether you want to remain with your opinion on everything surrounding you, or you’d like to be the New Awakened Human who believes that helping others makes everything meaningful. It is extremely difficult to find meaning in a Life of meaninglessness but once you have found it, the fire will burn inside you and you will be able to overcome anything in order return to the Ocean of Freedom.

I wish you to read this book like a novel and not just as something that has happened to someone, because then you can connect to your awakened mind and reap the benefits. If you only read it judgmentally you will remain in your intellectual mind or consciousness, which condemns by using the past and not through the Wisdom you can only Awaken in a natural state.

I hope that the journey through Bulgaria’s late Communist years and the following mafia era during the new times, the fashion business there in the 90’s and early 2000’s, the spiritual journey in Bali, Nepal and Bhutan ending with La-La Land -Los Angeles, will give you an idea not only of unknown cultures but also of different points of view, which may guide you towards yourself and new uncharted territories.

I wrote this book in my native Bulgarian for 44 days. The text literally poured over the I-pad and shook me all over. I had taken fast to tap deeper into the wisdom and the different times I had to go back to. Forgive me any inaccuracies due to cultural differences or clash of religious beliefs. There was a total of 650 pages that we adapted so that the English-speaking reader could understand me. I told the story only as an observer, without wanting to judge people but with a hint of my own perceptions in the given moments that I was profoundly returning to.

I beg the forgiveness of anyone described in the book who might take offense and I would like to make clear that most probably my truth is not theirs, as many of them would hardly guess that someone might see them in such light. Rather, take this as a literary text, given my dramatic and multicolored character, somewhere it may sound even more intense than it has been. All names are changed to preserve the identity of the characters who are all real.

I wish you a pleasant reading and I would be blessed if you find even the smallest piece of yourself in this book.

I would like to awaken the spark of the Warrior in each of us and to charge at Life with Passion and Love, so that we are always in the balance called Happiness.

It’s Time we Awakened!

I bow down to each and every reader.



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